Home Security Systems Perth

HCS provide Electronic Security Solutions, Installations and Servicing for Security Alarm Systems, Video Intercoms and CCTV Systems throughout Perth.

HCS design security alarms that alert the owner, neighbours and passersby of possible illegal entry to your premises. With the addition of a Video Surveillance System also known as CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) at your Home or Work Place you will dramatically enhance the security of your property.

The greater the Security the greater the chance of identifying the offender, therefore the more likely to deter would be criminals of committing a crime. Many insurance companies now acknowledge the effects of a secure premises and may even offer policy premium discounts to policy holders that have Security Alarms and CCTV Systems installed because of the reduced risk of becoming targeted.

If an event occurs you have the ability to review stored footage of the event, to create a timeline, to identify vehicles or even have facial images. This can be priceless in the ability to catch offenders and maybe even retrieving stolen goods. Other unplanned events such as disputes or accidents can also be resolved much quicker and easier with visual evidence of events leading up to the incident.

HCS also offer Annual and Bi Annual maintenance plans reducing the risk of breakdowns, poor vision caused by a dirty camera lens or the inability to detect movement due to a faulty sensor, keeping your systems operating at optimum levels.

The team at HCS has Licensed, experienced professionals ready to work with you now, to analyze your needs and assess your property’s risks.

You can increase the Security of your home or business by calling HCS today or email us, you can rest assured that HCS have a system to suit your needs.