Smart Wiring in Perth

Smart Wiring in Perth

Is your home network running a little slow, not meeting your cabling needs or wifi just not cutting it to all the corners of your house, is your TV dropping in and out randomly right in the middle of your down time? Then HCSWA is the company for you. 

We have a range of solutions for both new, existing and renovated homes, apartments and residences in delivering better cabled solutions, increasing the range and speed of your wifi needs and consolidated smart wiring panels and cabinets to keep all your networking and FTA technology in one place reducing clutter and delays in servicing. 

We use CAT6 networking cable and quad shielded RG6 (antenna) cabling to either update your home to the latest standard or install new to make sure you home is ready to go before you move in. We have a range of solutions to meet your needs and pride ouselves on creating a custom smart wiring netowkr that can deliver the most seamless use of your entire homes smart devices. 

Network/Data Smart Wiring

Using Cat6 data cabling, HCSWA can outfit your home with hard wired cabling to where you need/require most. Whether you need old outdated cabling replaced to boost your speeds or need a new line run to a new office or for a TV, HCSWA can offer a range of custom solutions to meet your needs.   

FTA Wiring & Antenna Instillations

Although the world is moving to internet streaming, FTA is still the backbone of your evening TV watching and isn’t always up to scratch. Do you have static, dropouts, cant get those HD channels? Then contact HCSWA today to ask about updating your FTA setup today at your home.

We can offer solutions for adding extra antenna points, custom install fly leads to hide messy wiring behind a new TV that you have had wall mounted and Update or adjust your antenna to make sure your receive the strongest signal possible to give you uninterrupted late night TV watching

Data Rack/Cabinet Solutions

Having a central place that all your smartwiring runs back to is not only a clean solution (eliminating cable mess both inside your roof and in your living areas) but makes future use, upgrades and servicing much easier for you and contractors. 

HCSWA offers solutions for instillation of a rack/data cabinet, a safe and secure location for all your smart wiring devices and cabling, loomed nicely and connected in a way that makes sure every point in your home receives the same speed and signal. 

Wifi Solutions

Wifi has become a staple in every house hold for laptops, tablets, smart phones and many other devices, however your modem sometimes isnt enough. HCSWA can offer you multiple solutions to both increase your wifi range but also your speeds to make sure the whole family can use the newtwork for streaming, internet surfing and video games without your network bogging down.

We like to use a hard wired access point system in your home, that guarentees that your network speeds are the same at each point as they are coming into your modem rather than duplicating the signal from your existing modems wifi network, such as many of the cheaper alternatives you can buy from JB-Hi-Fi and the likes. 

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