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A home security alarm system is a comprehensive electronic system designed to protect homes and their occupants from unauthorised access. These systems typically consist of various detectors working together to create a layered defense.

HCSWA provides a large number of systems to make your home safe not only while your in the residence but also while you are away from home. With technology ever evolving and intruders becoming smarter and craftier with break in attempts. It’s never been a better time to get the latest security technology in your home.

Our Intruder alarm systems provide mobile apps for remote monitoring, arming, and disarming, as well as receiving notifications.

Key Fobs and Remote Controls allow users to arm or disarm the system without using the control panel or app.

Many insurance companies now acknowledge the effects of a security systems in residential premises. Some Insurance companies may even offer policy premium discounts to holders that have Security Alarms and CCTV Video Surveillance Systems installed.

When considering a security alarm system, it’s important to assess individual needs, budget, and preferences to choose a system that provides optimal protection and peace of mind. Installation and monitoring options may vary, ranging from do-it-yourself setups to professionally installed and monitored systems.

Alarm Repairs Perth

HCSWA also offer Alarm Repairs and maintenance plans for security systems in Perth and Surrounding suburbs. This reduces the risk of breakdowns and poor vision caused by a dirty Security Camera lenses or the inability to detect movement due to a faulty Security Alarm sensor, keeping your home security systems operating at optimum level.

Home Security Solutions

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