Video Intercom Systems


There are many reasons why you may want a Video Intercom System, to communicate with others throughout your home or even being alerted that someone is at the front door and beingĀ able to hear and see who it is from a conveniently located internal monitor within your home, or even your Smartphone.

Imagine you have prepared dinner and want to let your family know it is ready, no need to explore your home or yell out to everyone, by simply paging other conveniently located internal stations you can communicate across the entire household.


Maybe you have received a delivery but you are not home, the delivery driver presses your front door Video Intercom, instantly a snapshot photogragh of the person at the front door is stored in the memory for you to view later, at the same time your Smartphone rings or receives a notification no matter where you are in the world, simply answer the call and you can talk directly with the delivery driver.

The added security from your Video Intercom System gives you peace of mind knowing family members are safe having the knowledge and awareness of who is at the front door before they open it.

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Hikvision WiFi Video Doorbell
Hikvision Video Intercom
Akuvox Front Door Station
Elan Compliant
Akuvox Front Door Station with Keypad
Elan Compliant