Commercial Security Alarm & CCTV Cameras Perth

CCTV, Security Alarms, Access Control and Electronic Security Solutions

For your CCTV needs HCS use high resolution cameras from Hikvision designed to deliver 24/7 Video Surveillance and with the clarity you expect from the world’s largest manufacturer of CCTV & Video Surveillance products.

  • People Counting
  • ANPR    LPR
  • monitor POS (point of sale) exchanges
  • general surveillance
  • monitor entrances and exits
  • Facial Recognition

Our Surveillance camera range is capable of capturing the finest details for your security monitoring needs. HCS also use scalable Security Alarm Systems such that if you want to expand your system you can do so quickly, no matter the size of your business and with the wide range of internal and external detectors we supply we are sure to have a solution to suit your needs.

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