Business/Commercial CCTV, Alarms and Access Control Systems

Here at HCSWA we offer a range of security solutions for your business or commercial properties, focusing on CCTV, Alarm Systems, Access Control, Intercom systems and more. Custom designing for everything from small solutions to large scale multi person user systems we will be able to design, install and maintain the perfect system to meet your needs. 


Using many trusted brands, built for business/commercial applications we make sure our systems are not only built to meet your specific needs but also stand the test of time

Axis Security Cameras CCTV
Hanwha Security & CCTV
Inner Range Security & Access Control
Inception Security
Paradox Security Alarm System
Bosch Security

Business/Commercial CCTV Solutions

We offer a range of CCTV solutions for your Business/Commercial properties, using more advanced cameras, higher IK and IP ratings offering that extra protection over your standard home security cameras as well as additional features such as Liveguard and targeted notifications for the ultimate surveillance for after hours protection of your business.

ANPR Cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

ANPR Cameras are the ideal solution for the tracking and identification of vehicles, trucks and transit vehicle traffic that might be moving through your properties, yards or passing roads. Ideal for commercial applications where tracking of incoming and outgoing vehicles is essential.

ANPR Hikvision Axis Hanwha Tandemvu

PTZ Cameras (Pan, Tilt and Zoom)

PTZ Cameras are perfect for getting that information at greater distances, allowing for lens zoom up to 150x. PTZ cameras are also controllable and have the ability to track people in given areas, making sure you never miss a bit of detail as they pass through a scene/area.

Hikvision PTZ Commercial Tandem Vu

People Counting and Facial Recognition Cameras

People counting & Facial recognition cameras are ideal for the shop/business environment, giving you tracking of line movements, people crowding in areas & crowd management while giving you accurate and detailed snapshots of who the person is around key areas of the property.

Panoramic 180/360 Cameras

Panoramic Cameras are ideal for capturing wide areas of your property, allowing for 180 & 360 view from one camera location. Coming in a variety of form factors they are commonly used to cover a long wall both inside and outside of warehouses, shopping centers or large car park areas  

Vandal Proof Rated Cameras

Vandal Dome cameras are the best line of defence when it comes to CCTV protection. With high IK and IP ratings, these cameras are designed to withstand not only the weather but people who are up to no good on your property whilst giving you clear CCTV footage.

IVMS & Remote CCTV Viewing

We can offer a range of remote viewing and IVMS systems to suite your CCTV viewing needs. The benefit of and IVMS system is to eliminate the need for direct connection to your NVR as well as the views can be shared to multiple people and give them only the views/cameras that they need to see.

Our Trusted Camera Brands for your Business/Commercial Applications

Axis Security Cameras CCTV
Hanwha Security & CCTV

Business/Commercial Security Alarm Systems

Business/Commercial Access Control Solutions

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Camera Solution Videos

ANPR Cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

PTZ Cameras (Pan, Tilt & Zoom)

People Counting & Facial Recognition

For your CCTV needs HCS use high resolution cameras from Hikvision designed to deliver 24/7 Video Surveillance and with the clarity you expect from the world’s largest manufacturer of CCTV & Video Surveillance products.

  • People Counting
  • ANPR    LPR
  • monitor POS (point of sale) exchanges
  • general surveillance
  • monitor entrances and exits
  • Facial Recognition

Our Surveillance camera range is capable of capturing the finest details for your security monitoring needs. HCS also use scalable Security Alarm Systems to increase your security quickly, no matter the size of your business. With a wide range of internal and external Perimeter detectors available we are sure to have a solution to suit your needs.

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