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HCS provides Home Automation systems personalised for you to enhance your lifestyle, with the new ELAN 8 platform that was recently awarded Human Interface of the Year at the CES 2017 Consumer Technology Association’s Mark of Excellence Program Committee.

Your Home Automation System is capable of incorporating Security, Climate, Lighting, Blinds, Music, Movies, TV, Air Conditioning. The options are limitless.

All Automated Systems can controlled from any location with your favourite smart device or Home Automation touch pads located throughout the home. No matter which control device you use, you’ll enjoy the same intuitive interface, one that is easy to understand and simple to use by family members of all ages.

Smart Home Control simplifies routine tasks, and makes better use of your resources to enhance your experience and lifestyle. ELAN Home Control solutions are completely scaleable to meet your needs, whether you are controlling a media room, your whole home, a vacation home, restaurant or a multi-unit residential or commercial space. There’s an ELAN Home Management System that’s right for you and now with voice control through Amazon Alexa, it’s easier than ever.

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How to use your Elan Home Automation System

Elan comes with a range of ways to control your smart home, with solutions for tablets, hand held remotes, PC integration and the use of your existing Smart devices, Elan can do it all and it the most continent way for you. 

The Home Automation Interface can be customised for each device and user, you are in total control as you move throughout your home. Limiting security control from your children or locking your hand held remote to only interact with the room it is in, the Elan management system becomes your best friend in control.

If your curious or wish to use the Home Automation system in person, pop on down to our office in Booragoon to experience Elan in person with our range of display stands from Home Theatre and Music control, lighting control, intercom calling and CCTV.

HCSWA have a wide range of systems to show you how the Elan control system can make your life easier. 


Installed in key locations, the touchscreens become your hub for your Smart Home Control. Coming in white and black as well as 8″and 12″ 

Elan ITP 12 Elan ITP 8

Smart Devices

Use your existing smart devices to control your Home Automation System from anywhere in the world with the Elan application.

Elan Existing Smart Device Elan Iphone Elan Android

Remote Controls

Enjoy the feeling of a hand held remote,Smart Home Control is available with the HR30 and the new HR40 remotes, perfect for your Living room, Theatre and whole Home Automation systems. 

Elan HR30 Elan HR40

What can your Elan Smart Home System Control in your home?

Elan has a long list of smart devices and Home Automation and Control solutions, reducing the need for multiple applications, touch screens and extra remotes that you need to interact with the control your home.

Below is a list of some of the systems/solutions that Elan can seamlessly talk to (depending on the product itself)

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