Home Lighting & Blinds Automation

Automated Lighting and Blinds

Lutron Electronic Lighting and Blinds are the perfect solution for those building a new home or refurbishing an existing home. The smooth transition of Lighting provided by Lutron is smooth and elegant and when combined with whisper quiet motorised Lutron Blinds provide that extra elegance, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency, guaranteed to complement the beauty of your home.

Replace banks of unsightly switches with stylish and elegant keypads from Lutron. Keypads come in a vast range of formats, finishes and colours from 1 button to 7 button with each button customisable to suit you and your lifestyle.

Advanced Scenes allow your lighting and Blinds to respond automatically to how you live.

A single button can be programmed to turn off a zone of lighting or to create a scene of lighting dimming wall lights to 50%, bulkhead Lights to 40% and Dining Room Lights to 65% or a scene that lights up the alfresco, Garden and entertaining areas to exactly the right level, every time.

Keypads located bedside and at entry points can be programmed for an “All Off” Scene ensuring when it is time to go to sleep or leave the Premises that all lights have been turned off¬† and Blinds Closed or maybe you would like a good morning or welcome home scene, with the touch of one button you can light the way.

Control your Lighting and Blinds with your smart device or even Voice control with Amazon Alexa, the Options are endless