Home Alarm Systems Perth

Home Security Alarm Systems Perth

A home security alarm system is one of the best solutions for home Security defence against intruders, whilst you and your family are home and away from the property. Home Security alarms have the ability to not only arm in a full armed state but also maybe a sleep mode.Sleep arming is the arming of multiple detector to protect the perimeter of your home such as Door and window sensors.

HCSWA can design a home alarm system providing peace of mind that you home is secure.

We have a range of Home Security Alarm systems that allow for a small compact perimeter system all the way to a full security system with protection on every door, window and entry/egress to your property. 

Below are a selection of the brands of home alarm systems we trust, click on their logo to learn more about what these systems can offer you.

Alarm Monitoring

Professional Security System monitoring is available to monitor your security alarm systems armed condition and also your security systems health. Predetermined contacts of your choice are provided to the Security monitoring station. In the event of an alarm condition nominated contacts will be notified as required.

Alarm Repairs Perth

HCSWA provide Security Alarm repairs and maintenance plans for security Alarm Systems in Perth and Surrounding suburbs. Reduce the risk of false alarms and breakdowns and keep your home security Alarm systems operating at optimum level.

Inception Security

Intruder Alarm Detectors

We have a range of Home Security Alarm systems that allow for a small compact perimeter system all the way to a full security system with protection on every door, window and entry/egress to your property.

Door/Window Reed Switch

Security Reed Switch

A reed switch Detector designed to to protect the perimeter opening of doors and windows of your home. 

Shock/Glass Break Sensor

Glass Break Security Sensor

A shock/glass break sensor protect your homes perimeter constantly listening for Glass breakage. These sensors allow for protection over fixed pane windows where a reed switch would not be practical.

Roller Door Reed Switch

Roller Door Reed Switch

A roller reed switch is the ideal security to keep your garage space safe. As more garage spaces become attached directly to your home, a roller reed detector is becoming an essential part of your perimeter security.

PIR Detectors

Security Motion Detector

A PIR detector is an infra-red detector that senses motion.

Suitable for open areas and is ideal for hallways or rooms.

Paradox Security Alarm Systems

Paradox Security

Security Alarm Systems

Paradox Security have been manufacturing innovative alarm systems in Canada since 1989. The Paradox alarm systems are expandable from 8 zones to 32 zones and are capable of providing up to 32 unique user codes.

Paradox is a cost effective solution for most installations with the added flexibility of both wired and wireless detectors. Systems can be tailored to suit new builds or homes under renovation as well as existing properties.

Multiple arming methods are available including Full Arm, Stay Arm and Sleep Arming.

Use the Blue-eye application and Stay in control of your Home Security from anywhere in the world.

  • Remotely Arm and Disarm
  • Ability to Bypass Zones
  • Check Zone Status
  • Check Security Health

Review Security conditions

  • Alarm Events
  • Who Armed and Disarmed the System

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Paradox Home Security Alarm System
Security Alarm App Control

Inception Security Alarm System

Inception Security

Security & Access Control

Inception intruder alarm systems by Inner Range are built with expansion in mind and capable expanding to 128 doors and 1024 zones of detection. 

The Inception controller is capable of implementing automated tasks to commence after having received an authorised code. Therefore opening doors and disarming the security alarm with authorised codes allows for a much more streamlined entry/egress system for your property.

Inception also has the ability to provide automated tasks based on what security detector has been triggered. Having consulted with the home owner, automated events can be created to enhance the systems performance and home itself.

Access codes can be created on the fly therefore instant access to an area can be provided by the home owner. During  authorisation of new  Security access codes the owner will be prompted to enter certain parameters. These parameters are what times of the day and days of the week the security code is authorised to be used. In the event that the code is used outside of predetermined hours the security alarm will decline access. 

Click below to find out more on what and how access control can benefit your home


Inception Alarm Keypad
Inception Access Control

Hikvision Security


Wireless Security

Hikvision’s new lines of security systems are here, branching off from standard CCTV and Intercom systems, they have launched the AX Pro and AX Hybrid Pro systems.

AX Hybrid Pro is the one stop shop system allowing for both reliable wired and seamless addition of wireless security detectors running on the one intruder alarm system. This increases not only the capabilities of your security system but also the range of areas it can cover.

The AX pro series comes as a fully wireless solutions. Making it ideal for homes where cabling might be difficult or if you are renting and wish to take the security alarm system with you when you leave. 

Hikvision AX Pro Home Security Alarm

Hikvision Ax Hybrid Pro

Hikvision AX Pro Wireless

Hik-Connect Application

Hik-Connect is the one stop application for all your Hikvision products, including now the Ax Pro and Ax Hybrid Alarm systems. With internet connection on both your alarm panels and your smart device, you are able to remotely see the state of your alarm (armed, disarmed) as well as turn on and off these states if you forgot to do so when leaving the house. You are also able to receive alerts in the event of your alarm system going into and alarm condition, allowing for an instant response form your self or other trusted users if self monitoring your system.

Paired with Hikvision’s wide range of CCTV and Intercom systems, you would be able to quickly check to see where/how the intruders are entering the premises and notify the authorities accurately and in a timely manner.

Click below to explore more of the Hikvision range of Home security products

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