Access Control Perth

Access Control Perth

Keyless Entry and Access Control is becoming standard across many new smart homes built throughout Perth with electric strikes being fitted on front doors, gates and roller door integration.

Often paired with an Intercom or home Alarm solution, access control is being widely available in a multitude of applications from simple gate triggers, to opening front doors with accepted codes, cards or RFID tags, to opening and closing your roller door for visitors or in case you forgot to do so when leaving the premises. Streamline your premises by installing an Access Control System and unlock doors from your Smart Mobile devices NFC/Bluetooth, Card Reader, Numeric Keypad, Proximity Card, or even facial recognition.

When you integrate your access control to an alarm system you also have the added ability to disarm your security system, eliminating the dash to your keypad before the entry delay expires. 


Security Access Management

Authorise who can enter areas and when access is available.

Access Control Solutions Perth

Below are some examples of access control keypads and Reader solutions we offer at HCSWA.

Each solution can be used standalone or wired in as part of a larger Security Access Control system.

Sifer Reader

Sifers Inner Range Inception Access Control

Sifer Readers offer a sleek keypad or RFID option to interface with your access control system. With various types of keypad looks, key cars and RFID tags it may be hard to know the right solution for you, we have a range of these solutions set up at our office is Myaree and you are more than welcome to come down and try them out for yourself

Numeric reader

Numeric Reader Keypad Readers Access control

Most of the Intercom systems that we provide here at HCSWA have the inbuilt features of allowing for access control. Whether that be from a keypad, RFID reader or facial recognition we can set these systems up at gates or front doors generally all around your home if required. Need 2 points of access on your property, no problem out Intercom solutions can aid in completing access control needs

Inception Access Control System

Inception Access Control

The Inception alarm systems is also a great solution for access control, allowing for seamless integration of your alarm system or to purely function as an access control main controller. The Inception system allows for greater flexibility when it comes to setting different levels of authority to users, allowing access only when granted, temporary codes for cleaners/gardeners and the addition/removal of these codes on the fly by you

Elan Solutions

Elan is HCSWA’s preferred entire smart home solution, allowing us to integrate most of your houses bigger smart home products under the one application, screen or device, giving you control at the palm of your hand. Using Elan we can integrate your homes access control systems into once place and write custom commands and sequences to make sure they do exactly what you wish

What do you need for an Access Control System?

An Access Control systems needs 3 basic things in order to work, these are;


No Access Control system is complete without something to control your locks. Intercoms, Sifer readers and certain Interface systems are ideal for this application, often being very user friendly, simple to use and in the case of the Intercom/Sifer solutions come with a range of different unlocking solutions (keypads, RFID, card/tag readers, video doorbell options and remote control through applications)

Electric Strike

While the Interface, Intercom and Sifer reader are the brains of your access control system, the electric strike is the heart doing the activation, both latching and unlatching your door/gate allowing for autonomous access through your desired areas

At HCSWA we use a trusted company for all our Electric Strike solutions, managing the instillation and sourcing of your strikes if required by yourselves, then we control the systems through the attached Interface/Intercom/Sifer solution

Switching Power

Power is required for these systems as is the case with almost everything in your home these days. We use the power feeding to the electric strike to control the latch and unlatching of your systems as well as the delay that your strikes operates at. Another thing the power allows us to do is to place your strikes into a fail safe or fail secure mode. This means that in the event of a power cut/loss of power to your Access Control system your strike can become open (fail safe) allowing access through the gate/door without the need for interfacing with the system for easy exit or a locked (fail secure) state where your gate/door latches on the loss of power, securing this access point from intruders or other persons (without a key) that may wish to gain access

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