Audio Visual Control Systems Perth

How many times have you heard or asked these questions:

  • Where’s the remote control ?
  • Which remote control is it ?
  • Do we have batteries, this Remote Control isn’t working ?
  • How do I watch a Bluray ?
  • What button do I press ?

You don’t have to deal with all of these remote controls anymore.

HCS provide an automated Audio Visual control system that will take away the need to use multiple remote controls and eliminate the confusion and frustration.

You will no longer be confused about how to play a DVD or how to play music through your home again.

Utilising your existing components wherever possible, HCS will design an Automated System that will take control of your components and instruct them what you want them to do with the simple touch of one button or icon.

Playing  a Bluray movie is easy, simply select the Bluray Icon on your single Smart Remote control, tablet, iPad or even your smartphone and your system will do the rest….

  • Turn on your TV/Projector
  • Turn on your AV Receiver
  • Turn on your Bluray player
  • Select the correct input on your AV Receiver
  • Select the correct input of your TV or Projector

By simply pressing one button or Icon, your HCS Automated System has just taken care of Six actions for you and removed the necessity for you to use Three different remote controls.

No matter the size of your system, whether it be a Cinema room only, Cinema Room and Master Bedroom or maybe even Total Home Control, HCS have a system to suit you.

If you would like more information simply call us or email us, we look forward to discussing your requirements and designing a system suited to your needs and lifestyle.

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