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CCTV & Security Camera Systems Perth

Security Camera Systems also known as CCTV Systems are one of the best deterrent to help protect your home or property in Perth WA. Security cameras are strategically positioned to maximise results therefore providing vision of important areas of your home 24/7 whether you are at work in Perth or away on holidays. 

HCSWA provide CCTV Security camera systems from some of the largest Video Surveillance manufacturers in the world.

At HCSWA we have a few trusted brands we use to give you the peace of mind you need for your properties.

Click on the brands below to find out more about their features and what they can offer you.

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Axis Security Cameras CCTV

Hikvison Security Perth

Hikvision provide quality and affordable Security Camera solutions for Home and business applications offering a  large range of Security camera solutions to suit various applications.

HCSWA are a Hikvision silver partner, allowing us access to direct tech support to assist you with any technical issues, access to the latest news and product ranges as well as training direct from Hikvision, allowing HCSWA to deliver you the best CCTV systems incorporating the latest AI features. 

Below are some the types of cameras we can offer you for your home security needs, from stylish Turret cameras, to vandal protected Dome cameras and adjustable lens Bullet and PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras to focus exactly where you need to protect your home.

Hikvision Silver Partner
Hikvision Accusense Turret Security Camera

Turret Camera

Hikvision Accusense Bullet Security Camera

Bullet Camera

Hikvision Vandal Dome Security Camera

Dome Camera

MINI DOME HIK-2CD2566G2-I4_edited

Mini Dome Camera

Hikvision TandemVu PTZ Security Camera

PTZ Camera

What Hikvision Security Cameras for your Perth Home

Accusense Technology

Accusense is Hikvision’s CCTV Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for accurate human and vehicle classification. AI classification undoubtedly greatly reduces time spent filtering through motion activated footage.

Until now CCTV notifications were based on motion detection, however with AI notifications are sent based on classification. These notifications include a thumbnail of the intrusion event and also a supporting video of the event.

This feature comes as standard on Accusense, Colour-Vu and the new Hybrid Security Camera ranges

Hybrid Security Cameras

Hybrid cameras are the latest addition to the Hikvision line up. The Hybrid camera range not only have infra red technology but also white light technology therefore enhancing night time images during events. With Accusense technology built in the Security Camera has the ability to classify whether the detected motion that has occurred as a result of a a human. In addition if the detected human is within a predetermined area of the Camera view the white light will turn on. The white light allows the camera to see in full colour therefore providing greater detail of events and persons of interest compared to that of a traditional Security cameras that displays in black and white when it is dark. 

Hikvision Live-Guard

The Liveguard feature is the ability to arm and disarm notifications sent by the Security Cameras such that when the Liveguard CCTV Security System is armed notifications including a thumbnail picture and video will be sent to authorised persons of intrusion events, subsequently, when disarmed notifications will not be sent.

Hikvision’s Live-Guard Security Cameras can also provide active deterrents that can be enabled. In the event of an intrusion of a nominated area Audible announcements and  flashing lights can be automatically activated therefore deterring would be criminals. 

Integration of Liveguard CCTV with Intruder Alarm Systems is also achievable subsequently enhancing perimeter protection.

Therefore when your Security System is armed the liveguard will also be simultaneously armed.

Hik-Connect App

Hik-Connect is a single application for Hikvision’s  Security Cameras and CCTV, Intercom, Access Control and Security Alarm solutions.

The free app provides live view and playback of CCTV, Security Alarm System control as well as receiving Intercom calls. 

Additionally inside of the Hik-Connect application you are able to access your Hikvision intercom systems, receiving calls when not at home and able to unlock gates/doors for trusted people and the new range of Home alarm systems from Hikvision, the AX Pro and AX Hybrid

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Hanwha Security & CCTV

Hanwha CCTV Security Perth

Hanwha CCTV Security Camera Systems and Video Surveillance.


Turret Camera


Bullet Camera


Dome Camera


Panoramic Camera


PTZ Camera

Axis CCTV Perth

Axis Security Cameras CCTV

Axis CCTV Security Camera Systems and Video Surveillance.


Turret Camera


Bullet Camera


Dome Camera

AXIS-01072-Mini Dome

Mini Dome Camera


PTZ Camera

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