home automation system

Top 10 Benefits of Home Automation

Home automation is a smart home solution that allows pre-set automation of compatible electronic and electrical devices/systems within the home. These systems can include and are not restricted to security alarms, reticulation, home cinemas, outdoor music, multi-room audio-visual systems, lighting, motorised blinds, A/C, home heating, etc. A home automation system will integrate these systems to…

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What Are the Different Types of Home Alarm Systems?

The two types of Home Alarm Systems are wired and wireless. Although wireless home alarm systems have the advantage of easy installation due to no cable runs, wired are the most reliable and preferred type of home alarm systems used by HCSWA. Home Alarm Systems are fast becoming a standard inclusion of the modern home…

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What Are the Different Types of Security Cameras?

Your choices here are quite straight forward as it mostly comes down to the environment you are installing your security cameras in.  For example, bullets and full body cameras are good for exposed locations. Domes and turrets, on the other hand, are much preferred for semi protected and indoor areas. Although, this can vary for…

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